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The TopDog Concept

Wrestling - Downloadable Technique Videos

The concept for TopDog Wrestling began in 2005 with the idea of offering online instructional videos for scholastic wrestling (also known as American Folkstyle Wrestling)  filmed live in practice at one of the oldest and most successful elite wrestling clubs in existence.  Many websites now offer online instructional videos, but the TopDog difference is that we allow the videos to be purchased individually and are downloaded to your PC for you to keep.  There are no monthly fees so the wrestlers are free to pick and choose the techniques they are interested in and do not have to maintain a relationship that may only be needed just before and during the youth, high school or college season. 

Visit the Wrecking Crew Wrestling website to find out more about the club and it's long history. Founded in 1993, the Wrecking Crew is a USA Wrestling chartered club dedicated to training the finest athletes in the sport of Scholastic/Folk-style, Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. From first grade through college, Wrecking Crew club members are active competitors in local, state and national events representing Wrecking Crew as well as their school and town teams. The success enjoyed by many of the wrestlers at these events is the result of their hard work and the proven Crew approach. Wrecking Crew offers instruction by many highly qualified and accomplished coaches and also brings in many nationally recognized clinicians to conduct practice.

Martial Arts - TopDog is offering a similar concept with Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Initially, we provided kung fu videos for cross training wrestlers off season. But, due to the popularity and effectiveness of Traditional Wing Chun, we are providing the complete curriculum and international certification by the World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association. Master Keith Mazza, Grand Master William Cheung and the Traditional Wing Chun Academy are providing the videos and certification process. Visit the the academy's site via the appropriate link or the menu at the top of the page.

Master Keith Mazza has been training in the martial arts for over 30 years, specializing in Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu. A three-time Hall of Fame inductee, Master Mazza was hand-picked by Grandmaster William Cheung to train and serve as the North American Liaison for the World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association. Through this type of dedication to the art and exceptional fighting expertise, Master Keith Mazza honorably became Grandmaster Cheung's first Closed Door Student in 2006.

Traditional Wing Chun is considered the most effective street fighting martial art ever devised. Sometimes confused with modified Wing Chun, this style is the complete art as taught to William Cheung by the late Grand Master Yip Man. This is what Bruce Lee cut his teeth on. Master Mazza's teacher, Grand Master Cheung, was Bruce Lee's senior Kung Fu brother and actually did most of the teaching. Grand Master Cheung & Master Mazza conduct seminars all over the world and you will be invited to attend as a member of the Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy and the World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association.

So if you are merely interested in self defense or are looking to be internationally certified in Wing Chun then take advantage of the resources provided here. Remember, the videos are downloaded for you to keep, watch and practice until comfortable with the techniques and video exchanges can be arranged for certification testing.

And don't forget, this art and Master Mazza are a great choice for cross training in wrestling due to it's superior hand fighting, hand control and trapping techniques.


Sample Videos

Below you will find some of our first videos ever made.  You can watch them right on this site or download them for free via the links below each window.  More free videos and Wing Chun requirement documents can found on the pages for Wrestling and Kung Fu downloads.  Thank You for your support.


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Wrecking Crew Head Coach Dave Miller, Sr. Traditional Wing Chun Master Keith Mazza
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